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Savings Account

Savings Account


Giving you every bit of financial flexibility in everyday’s life
Via this passbook, you will be given convenience at hand available for deposit, withdrawal, and direct debit bill payments. Interest is calculated daily at the rate specified by the bank and paid twice a year with Krungthai Savings Account.


Savings/deposit – withdrawal/direct debit bill payment

  • Short-term savings account, convenient for deposit and withdrawal
  • Automatic direct debit bills payment for utilities 
  • Daily interest calculation at the rate specified by the bank and payable twice a year at the end of every accounting period


Service features

  • A variety of financial tools designed to make provide convenience ultimate. It includes passbook, VISA debit card which can be used to make payments in leading stores and cash withdrawal at VISA-endorsed ATM machines worldwide
  • Financial transaction such as fund transfer, bill payment, auto direct debit through other KTB e-banking channels including ADM, ATM, Auto Update Passbook, Internet Banking, Krungthai Telebank, Mobile Banking, and KTB Online
  • Deposit and withdrawal at all branches
  • Visa Debit Card available for individual customers to allow convenient for deposit and withdrawal as well as product and service payments (for VDB card)
  • A minimum of 500 baht deposit required to open an account


Interest Rate

  • Daily interest calculation based on outstanding balance using the rate specified by the bank and payable twice a year (June 30 and December 31) as per savings interest rates applicable at the given time


Opening an Account

  • Please contact KTB branch at your convenience 


Get more convenience with KTB Savings Account. For more information, please contact


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