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Trusted with Inter-Banking Transfer Service, BAHTNET, KTB most convenient service you can rely on

Service Features
BAHTNET is another way for inter-banking transferring money through the Bank of Thailand under the condition of one transaction/time without limited amount and time of transfer. Two types of service are provided:
  • Outbound Transfer -- Transferring from KTB accounts into other banks
  • Inbound Transfer -- Transferring from other banks into KTB accounts

  • No need to carry a large amount of money from one bank to another
  • No risk for loss or robbery
  • Convenient, fast and safe with service time guarantee
  • In case of transferring with various senders or receivers including inter-banking transferring, BAHTNET will allow you faster and more convenient service than transferring by cheque
Service Terms/ Conditions
  • Outbound Transfer
    • Contact all KTB branches nationwide
    • Fill in the Transfer Form
    • Pay for transferring money and fee by cash or KTB check
    • In case of more than 20 million baht transferring, customers need to notify the bank and deposit your transferring money in saving account for one day in advance
  • Inbound Transfer
    • Having KTB account
    • Inform sender to transfer money through BAHTNET via KTB account
    • Transferring fee will be charged separated from transferring amount

Service Hours
8.30 AM. – 3.00 PM. on working days, Monday – Friday (For bank’s branch in department store, service is available since the opening time – 3.00 PM., except weekend and holidays) In case of transferring after 3.00 PM., customers need to notify in advance to receive the approval from the recipient bank before using service. If such transaction is done before 4.00 PM., not additional fee will be charged, but after 4.00 PM. the bank will collect additional fee for 200 baht/transaction (as a fine for the Bank of Thailand)
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Inbound transfer – less than 30 minutes per transaction, from the time of receiving money by the bank to the time of receiving money by the recipient
  • Outbound transfer – less than 60 minutes per transaction, from the time of receiving money by the bank to the time of receiving money by the recipient. In case of over 20 million baht transferring without sending a notice in advance, the transaction will be over 60 minutes but not over than 180 minutes/ transaction

  • Inbound Transaction – no update needed
  • Outbound Transaction – contact recipient bank for your transaction receipt

Fee Rate
Fee rate of BAHTNET consists of fee from transfer bank and fee from recipient bank

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