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KTB E-Cheque

KTB E-Cheque



KTB-E-Cheque is the one of the bank’s electronic money transfer services, developed to add more security assure on money transfer via electronic system with receiving code. Increasing more convenience to make transfer and payment for goods and services to recipients who have saving or current accounts with any bank, even to recipients who do not have any account with bank. Moreover, system immediately informs status and result of the transaction to both the transferors and recipients.


Service Detail

There are 2 features of KTB E-Cheque service:

  1. Credit Transfer payers send orders to deduct money from their accounts, and then directly transfer to recipients’ accounts or pay by cash via bank’s channels.
  2. Debit Transfer payers send orders to deduct money from their accounts, and transfer to recipients’ accounts. Payers are informed the transaction details and able to approve the deduction by themselves with transfer codes. Bank will inform transaction details before processing the debit transaction.



  • Convenience: transferors are able specify the effective date, 24 hours 7 day
  • Security: Approve money transfer with confidential code
  • Confidence: Transferors and recipients are able to check transaction details and status anytime
  • Efficiency: Reduce process and business operation costs


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