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KTB Home For Cash Loan

KTB Home For Cash Loan


Product Feature:

  • Personal loan for new and existing customers with KTB housing loans.


Type(s) of Loan:

  • Term Loan (T/L) and/ or Revolving Loan (R/L).


Product Purpose:

  • For consumption, multi-purpose expenditure or payment of life insurance premium to KTB-endorsed life insurance operator(s); loan must not be used to pay for housing purchase/ construction. 


Qualified Customers:

  • Existing or new KTB’s housing-loan customers;
  • No negative financial record(s) or found under multiple debts;
  • Maintaining healthy financial record(s) with bank(s)/financial institution(s) with consistent repayments in case of existing housing-loan customers; customers applying for KTB Home for Cash loan must maintain a C1 status with no record of bad debt restructuring with KTB; the condition does not apply to customers with records of general debt restructuring; 
  • The age of the borrowers including the repayment period must not exceed 65 years old; for joint borrowers, the age of the younger one applies;
  • Borrowers with existing credit line for purchase of land for future housing construction but with construction pending are not qualified for KTB Home for Cash Loan.


Credit Line:

1. To be considered based on customers’ needs and repayment abilities;

2. The credit line per (1) including the Home for Cash loan and the balance of existing housing loan/ credit line for new housing must follow the criteria below: 

             2.1 In case of Term Loan (T/L), borrowers are required to seek additional information;

            2.2 In case of Revolving Loan (R/L), credit line available is Baht-50,000 minimum and Baht- 1,000,000 maximum but will not exceed 80% of assessed collateral value.  The fresh revolving loan is not to be used in payment for life insurance premium.  For new housing-loan customers, borrowing per 2.1 and/ or 2.2 is based on assessed collateral value or actual purchase/sale price, whichever is the lower applies.  

            2.3 In case of Term Loan (T/L) and Revolving Loan (R/L) together, total credit line based on LTV (loan to value) ratio will not exceed that stated in (2.1).  



  • The same collateral applied to housing loans is used in Home for Cash Loan.


Borrowing Period:

1. Repayment period in the case of Term Loan (T/L) will not exceed the repayment period specified in housing loan agreement;  

2. Revolving Loan (R/L):

            2.1 A one-year repayment period will be considered for extension one month before the expiry of existing loan agreement on condition that all loans maintain a C1 status and have never been forced through debt restructuring;   

            2.2 Monthly interest payment applies. 


Repayment Terms:

1. For Term Loan (T/L), equal amount of capital borrowing and interest to be paid monthly;

2. For Revolving Loan (R/L), interest to be paid monthly.


Interest Rates:

1. For Term Loan (T/L):

            1.1  MRR applies for new or existing housing-loan customers having served less than two
  years of their repayment terms;

            1.2 MRR – 0.5% applies for existing housing-loan customers having served up to two years of their repayment terms.  

2. For Revolving Loan (R/L), MRR + 1.0% applies.


Required Documents (Borrowers and Guarantors)

  • Personal ID card/ Civil Servant ID card/ State Enterprise Employee ID card of both the borrowers and the guarantors;
  • Copies of census registration proof of the borrower and joint borrower;
  • Marriage/ Divorce/ Death Certificate of spouse of both the borrower and joint borrower;
  • Official paper certifying change of name and/ or family name of the borrower and joint borrower (if any);
  • Employers’ income verification letter/ the most recent salary slip of the borrower and joint borrower (original copy required); 
  • Borrower’s and joint borrower’s bank statements (all existing bank accounts) at least three months back;
  • Proofs of right of asset collateral (copy of Title Deed/ Nor. Sor. 3 Gor./ condominium unit);  
  • Purchase/ Sale Prospect Agreement, employment contract, construction blueprint, construction permit (in case of building);
  • Receipts of payment of the last three months from existing financial institutions, loan agreement, mortgage agreement in case of redemption request;
  • Receipt of down payment; 
  • Others.


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