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Multi-Purpose Loan for Government Officer

Multi-Purpose Loan for Government Officer


Fulfill your life with government officer loan covering all costs for your demand such as car purchasing, computer purchasing, tuition fee, etc. Trusted with clear and easy conditions, we provide special offers for government officer only at Krung Thai Bank.


Service Features

Versatile loans covering all your expense with the highest loan amount of five times salary (not exceeding 500,000 baht) provided you an easy payment way with Auto Debit, a debiting service deducting your saving account on the day of 24 every month


Applicants’ Qualifications

  1. Being government officers

  2. Having salary account with Krung Thai Bank and in the sufficient amount to pay for installment

  3. No default of payment record and being sui juris


Bondsmen’s Qualification

Being government officers or permanent employees of the same organizations without working for the same company as loanees and have qualification as loanees


Service Terms/ Conditions

  • Loan type Term loan

  • Loan Term four years maximum but not exceeding working period as stated in master agreement


Required documents

  • Copy of ID card or government official card or state organization employees and census registration of the loanees and bondsmen

  • Original certificates of income or payment slip of the loanees and bondsmen

  • Statement


Interest rate and fee

MRR + 3.50 per year


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