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All about KTB Wealth Management

All about KTB Wealth Management

          Krungthai Wealth Management Service provides customers with personal financial planning advisory.  A new product, the service offers privacy and convenience designed to help customers manage and plan their expenses, savings or investment choices based on their existing asset to make sure its full potential is realized and well in line with the objectives of their future needs.  Thus, they can rest assured that with the financial planning advisory available from Krungthai Wealth Management Service, their wealth will remain secure.


          Customers will enjoy the expert advice of Krungthai Bank’s teams of professionals who, with their rich financial planning experiences, are officially qualified under the SET (the Securities Exchange of Thailand) Certified Financial Planning Program (CFP).  Trained especially for the task, they will be able to identify the level of investment risk acceptable to individual customers in order for them to formulate their own tailor-made investment portfolios and their expected returns. 



          In addition, we have designed a “Financial Planning Test” to help customers recognize the risk exposure of their investment which will result in the formulation of their tailor-made investment portfolio.  “Thus is sufficient for the special you with our unique service.”