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Student Loan Fund

Student Loan Fund


For steady future and stronger national human resources management, we emphasize on educational support by managing Student Loan Fund, under supervision of Ministry of Finance according to the resolution of the Cabinet dated March 28, 1995, to provide fund for students in need for tuition and education fee including living expenses for 1996 academic year.


In 1998, the Educational Support Fund Act 1998 was launched having Krung Thai Bank Public Co., Ltd. to manage such monetary fund to increase educational opportunity and relieve parents’ burden.


Process and Qualifications

For steady future and convenience for members of Student Loan Fund, we provide a loan online system or e-Studentloan since 2008 for students, loanees to receive fund as soon as possible in a short time and process through

Students’ Qualifications
- High School Level (professional and vocational school)
- Undergraduate Level (Associate, Bachelor’s Degrees) both regular and special classes
- Vocational Level (High Vocational Certificate, Associate and Bachelor’s Degrees): Being Thai nationality with household income of less than 200,000 baht per year and other qualifications required by the monetary fund.


Bondsmen’s Qualification (one of the conditions)
- Being parents of the loanees
- In the case of deceased father and mother, signature of the adopted guardians must be required
- Being a person with reliable income
- If the spouse of the bondsmen refusing to sign in a contract, such bondsmen can sign a contract without their spouse’s consent
- In case of no bondsmen, securities must be required•

Income Certified Person in Loan Agreement (one of the conditions)
-Being government employees above C5 or equivalence and must be at least a colonel for soldier or police
- Being management of educational institution
- Being local government from village chief (except for government enterprise employees, mayors and other positions)

Loan Money
- For tuition and expenses related to education paying to education institution
- For cost of living including living, personal expenses paying to the students’ Krungthai Bank account.
Remark: Students have to submit loan application every education year. The education institution will consider the loanee’s qualifications within annual budgeted fund.


Loan Application through e-Studentloan System
- Enter to become a member using identification number as the username and assign password to login into e-studentloan system
- Fill in the loan application form choosing from education level, high school, vocational college or university level and identify loan objectives: tuition / educational related expenses / living expenses
- Fund announcement is available at the education institution or in the monetary fund’s website
- A saving account with Krung Thai Bank is required for loanees
- Fill in the loan documents, sign and submit all documents according to the conditions of the monetary fund (agreement is done only the first semester or when changing education level or education institution)

Payment Criteria
- When graduating or stop studying for two years, loanees have to pay back to the monetary fund according to the time line and method specified in the monetary fund’s committee’s regulations
- Loanees who still study with less than two consecutive years of loan and has not notified of the student’s status to the bank, the loan is considered to be due.
- Before the 5th of July of the due date year, loanees will receive the principal notification from the bank, first payment amount, loan processing fee, including annual payment schedule
- Loanees need to pay for the first payment within July 5 of the due date year.
- 1% interest on the remaining principal of the first year must be paid within July 5 every year and loanees have to pay all amount within 15 years starting from the first payment
- It is considered to be default of payment if loanees do not have ability to pay for debts within the due date, which is July 5th every year. Interest will be collected for 12% per year calculated from the principal overdue in case of such overdue is less than 12 months. If such overdue is more than 12 months, 18% interest per year will be applied


Total Current Balance Inquiry
There are four channels for Total Current Balance Inquiry:
- Visit by entering identification number, and date of birth
- KTB Call Center, 1551
- KTB Help Desk, 0-208-8699
- Krungthai Bank PCL nationwide

Repayment Methods
- Paying through automatic deduction from Krung Thai Bank PCL saving account by notifying the requirement to the bank when making a loan agreement or when opening a new saving account. Loanees need to deposit to the account before July 5 every year (for annual payment term) or before the day of 5 of every month (for monthly payment term). Updated book bank after debiting is required.
- Paying at Krung Thai Bank PCL counter service nationwide. Loanees can pay more or equal due amount and will receive a payment receipt in return.


Loanees can pay back the entire amount or partial of loan before graduating or during the two years grace period without any interest

Payment Methods
First payment
Loanees have to pay for debts at Krung Thai Bank branches nearest to you as followed:

- Fill out loan repayment identification form (Kor Yor Sor 201)
- In case of changing from annual to monthly payment term, please notify changing requirement
- Notify the first payment amount before paying and loanees will receive a payment receipt from the monetary fund
* Payment fee will be charged for 10 baht
- Having more deposit money in saving account than the amount and overdue amount loanees need to pay (if any) including interest and interest penalty (if any) or pay at Krung Thai Bank PCL counter service nationwide.


In case of receiving loan invoice during studying or before 2 years after graduating,
Loanees have to fill out “education status report form” (Kor Yor Sor 204) and asks the education institution to certify their status annually until graduating. For those with less than two years graduated, graduation certificate or degree certificate or transcript is required for loan repayment.

In case of death of loanees or being declared as a disable,
- In case of death, such loan agreement is terminated. Legal heir or education institution of such loanee have to submit death certificate to the bank’s authorized person
- In case of being declared as a disable, disable identification card must be shown to the bank for consideration of voiding payment as stated in the agreement.

Change of Address / Office / Other Status Notification
In case of changing loanees’ status such as name, surname, address, bank account number, starting and working place, loanees have to fill out a changing form and send it to the bank as the following address:

Government Project Management Department, Krungthai Bangk Public Co., Ltd., Sukhumvit Building,14th Floor, No. 10, Sukhumvit Road, Kwaeng Klongteoy, Khet Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110

Monetary Fund Loan Agreement Conditions
- In case of changing of name, surname, address, educational institution or graduated or stop studying, loanees need to send a letter of notification to the bank within 15 days since the date of such changing. If not, it is said of breaching agreement and the loanees may have a right to terminate such agreement immediately
- Starting working place including salaries or wages must be indicated in writing to the fund’s executives and committee in case of graduating within 30 days of staring work. If there are such changing, loanees need to send a notification within 30 days since such changing occurred
- Documents relevant to number 1 and 2 conditions above are required by Krungthai Bank.


Credit Term Extension

For convenience of Student Loan Fund’s members, we provide loan term extension allowing customers to completely pay loan amount before the due date of July 5 every year. If such payment process is not complete in time, interest will be collected as for overdue payment until loan term extension is completely done.


Loan Calculation


Educational Loans of 100,000 baht
- The balance of 100,000 baht multiplied with (2) to note the outstanding principal amount in each year
- The balance of 100,000 baht multiplied with (4) to note the outstanding principal amount in each year
- The balance of 100,000 baht multiplied with (5) to note the amount of interests to be paid (Except the 1st year of interest is free)
- The balance of 100,000 baht multiplied with (6) to note the amount of principal and interests to be paid each year.

Interests Calculation Formula



* Refers to the amount of loan deducted with the principal amount of all tax paid
** Refers to the due date of debt or debt on the last day of payment


Penalty Calculation Formula



* Refers to the overdue principal amount in each period
** Refers to the rate calculated of 12% for the overdue principal installments of not exceeding one year and 18% for the full overdue principal installments of exceeding one year



Why didn’t I get money while my friends got it?
Please proceed as follows:

1. Contact the responsible teacher for the following information in the loan contract
     1.1 Number of application
     1.2 Loan contract registration (Kor Yor Sor 106)

2. School will gather the list of students who did not receive money by copying document according to 1.1 and 1. 2, then cross the students’ names who do not receive money in Loan contract registration (article 1.2) and fax such documents to Krung Thai Bank at 02-256-8198
3. We will find out the cause of default internally and then inform it to school by fax with a contact person.



Public project management, Krungthai Bank PCL.Sukhumvit Building, 14th Floor, No.10 Sukhumvit Road, Klongteoy, Bangkok 10110
Tel. 02-208-8699
Fax. 02-256-8198 or 02-256-8375

Office of Student Loan Fund 16th Floor, 2 Building, Government Housing Bank Headquarters
No. 63 Soi Thaveemit, Rama 9 Road, Huaykwang, Bangkok 10400
Tel. 02-610-4888
Fax. 02-643-1470 หรือ 02-643-2218

Office of Expense Commission I Ratchamungklapisek Building, 9th Floor, Ministry of Education, Dusit, Bangkok 10300
Tel. 02-280-6220-1
Fax. 02-280-6220

Office of Expense Commission II University Affairs Building, 12th Floor, No.328 Sri Ayuthaya Road, Rajthevee, Bangkok 10400
Tel. 02-354-5460
Fax. 02-354-5474

For more information, please contact :

-  Krungthai Bank, nationwide, click here to locate the nearest branch to you
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