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Student Registration

Student Registration


University Registration Processing Service is a KTB service designed for all educational institutions as a convenient means and a new channel available to university students. Through KTB Telebanking (02 111 1111) and Internet Banking. students can register for class enrolment and make tuition fee payments by themselves. In turn, the service helps ease the burden of the educational institutions and give students an added convenience. 


Universities Qualified for the Use of KTB U-registration Service:
- Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University (Mor.Sor.Thor.);
- Via KTB Telebanking (02 111 1111) 
Service Conditions:

Customers wishing to apply for the Class Enrolment Registration Service must maintain their student status at qualified universities under the program and must also be individual customers with existing KTB bank accounts.  They are required to fill the request form designated by the Bank and submit it along with the following proofs:  
For KTB Telebanking Service: 
1) Service request and consent forms for use of service per KTB’s requirements; 
2) A form bearing the account holder’s sample of signatures;   
3) A copy of one’s personal ID card and other important proofs.  In case required proofs bear no ID card number, a copy of census registration will be essential as an accompanying document;  
4) Service users must be the account-holders of the savings account book 
For ATM, IPAC, Visa Debit Cardholders:

- The system automatically processes the application on Telebanking process;  
Customers Seeking the Service via Internet Banking:
- Submit the proofs the way one applies for the service via KTB Telebanking.  If the customers are current users of KTB Telebanking service, they can apply for the additional service via Internet Banking.

Service Charges:




University enrolment registration

Registration fee payment

10 Baht/ item




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