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KTB Shop Smart Classic Card

KTB Shop Smart Classic Card



Smart shopping becomes easier as you go cash-free.   Whether it is dining, shopping or spending, it is time to change the tedious lifestyle of having to carry large amounts of cash wherever you go to a new, real-life debit-based way of life.  Here, KTB Shop Smart Card is designed to free consumers from the constraints of cash, empowering them to enjoy life at more than 1,000,000 worldwide outlets of shops, restaurants, department stores or cinemas where the VISA Debit symbol is displayed.   With KTB Shop Smart Card, customers can also make cash withdrawals at ATM points worldwide. 


The All-in-One Convenience Card:
- Cash withdrawals at all domestic ATM points with ATM Pool symbol;
- Easy cash deposit, withdrawal, transfer and payment services through KTB’s nationwide ADM/ATM points;
- Pay for purchases at consumer outlets with VISA symbol anywhere in Thailand;
- Enjoy 5-50% discount from participating stops with KTB Shop Smart symbol and earn 1 bonus point for every 25 baht spent to be used in redemption programs for a wide range of attractive products and services. 


KTB Shop Smart Classic Card

Terms of Card Usage

- Available to customers over 15 years of age; 
- Minimum Baht-500 savings account or minimum Baht 10,000 for current account with Krungthai Bank; 
- No minimum income requirement needed for application;   
- Savings, current, long-term tax-exempted accounts;  
- Daily/ transactional credit limit:
      - Maximum cash withdrawal capped at Baht 150,000/ day with maximum cash withdrawal per transaction set at Baht 20,000;  
      - Maximum cash deposit limited to no more than 100 bills/ transaction;   
      - Cash withdrawal/ cash deposit through inter-region transactional office at ATM/ADM outlets, cost-free;   
      - Cash withdrawal/ cash deposit through cross-region transactional office at ATM/ADM outlets, fee applies: 
      - Baht 15/ withdrawal transaction; 
      - First transfer transaction of the month is fee-free;  
      - Second and any other transfer transaction of the month will be liable to Baht 15 fee/ transaction; 
- Money equaled to the balance of the account (no limit) may be - transferred among in-card accounts; 
- KTB intra-transfer external of in-card accounts is limited to Baht 150,000/ day;  
- Maximum Online Retail Fund Transfer (ORFT) is limited at Baht 150,000/ day and no more than Baht 30,000/ transaction; 
- Maximum purchase/ sale of open-ended mutual fund units is Baht 5,000,000;  
- Resale  of open-ended mutual fund units (based on the balance of the account); 
- Payment for products and services up to the balance of the account (no limit) 
For existing cardholders of all KTB cards, the credit limit or daily cash spending limit, automatically determined based on the terms and conditions of the existing cards, remains unchanged, (Classic Card = 50,000 baht/day; Crystal Card = 150,000 baht/day).  Cardholders may contact KTB card issuing branch or KTB Call Center at 02 111 1111  to notify the Bank if they wish to have their credit line reduced or increased. 
Fees and Charges  
- Entry fee, Baht 100; 
- Annual fee, Baht 200
Documents Required for Card Application 
- Personal ID card/ Civil servant ID card

For more information, please contact

- Krungthai Bank, nationwide, click here to locate the nearest branch to you
- KTB Call Center 0-2111-1111  (