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Verified by VISA

Verified by VISA

Convenient, safe and confident with online shopping through KTB’s Visa Debit Card 

Verified by Visa is a service jointly developed by KTB and VISA International to add convenience and safety for shoppers shopping online with KTB’s Visa Debit card.  Verified by VISA password and Personal Assurance Message (PAM) give online shoppers peace of mind as they do their shopping in private, assured that they are making purchases through e-Commerce stores that are officially registered with VISA. 


Login to Verified by VISA



  • Added safety with the OTP (One Time Password) enquiry system which sends the password SMS or the password you created to your registered mobile phone number to prevent fraudster from using your Visa Debit card number to make online transactions;
  • Boost your confidence with PAM which appears on the screen as you make the transaction to ensure that you are in the process of making VISA-certified online transaction;   
  • Quick and convenient service application free of charge, Verified by Visa service is available to existing cardholders of KTB’s Visa Debit/ Visa Electron cards.


Application Requirement for Verified by Visa

  • Cardholders of KTB’s Visa Debit/ Visa Electron cards


Register / Activation Service

Step 1 Register
Cardholder can Register by channels as below.-

  • KTB Branch
  • KTB Tele Banking 02 111 1111
  • KTB netbank

Verified by Visa Register Service Manual


Step 2  Activation
Verified by Visa Activation Service Manual
Click here to Activation / Change of Verified by Visa information


Type of Services Provided by Verified by Visa

1.  Verified by Visa Service with OTP (One-Time Password)
Instead of using a permanent password, added security is provided with an SMS message containing a One-Time Password (OTP) sent to the cardholder’s registered mobile phone number while he/ she is making an online purchase of goods or service.  This gives the cardholder peace of mind when he/ she makes online transaction, free from the worry that his/ her personal password might be known to others.  Moreover, the cardholder can use it with ease as he/ she no longer has to memorize the password of their choice.   

2.  Verified by VISA with Static Password (PIN)
For increased online shopping confidence, make password enquiry each time you make a transaction.  Once you are registered with Verified by Visa, no one else can use your PIN to make online payments without the knowledge of the password you created.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is Verified by Visa?

- Verified by Visa is a product jointly developed by KTB and VISA International to enhance customers’ convenience and safety in paying for online purchase of products and services using KTB’s Visa Debit Card.

2.  What benefits does the service give to cardholders?

- The service gives added safety to cardholders when they make internet transactions as they can rest assured that the e-Commerce stores with which they are making transactions have properly registered with Visa International.  

3.  What kind of cards can use Verified by Visa?

- It is available to all KTB’s Visa Debit cards, except KTB Invest Smart Cards (KTB Oil Fund Card).

4.  When can I start using Verified by Visa?

- You can start using Verified by Visa right after the application process is completed.

5.  What is One Time Password (OTP)

- Password is used only once to Login or Transaction will be sent to the user via SMS through a mobile phone number registered.

6.  What is Personal Assurance Message (PAM)?

- Personal Assurance Message (PAM) is the message you created during activation.  This appears in the Verified by Visa password screen.  With PAM, you can be confident the transactions are made with e-Commerce stores that are properly registered with Visa International.

7.  What should I do if the PAM is incorrect?  

- You should cancel the online transaction right away without entering your password.

8.  What do I do if I wish to use Verified by Visa?

- Cardholders wishing to use Verified by Visa can do the followings:

Step 1 Register
Verified by Visa Register Service Manual


Step 2  Activation
Verified by Visa Activation Service Manual
Click here to Activation / Change of Verified by Visa information


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