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KTB E-Cheque

KTB E-Cheque


KTB E-Cheque known as Electronic Cheque, a new transfer service providing Release Code on the cheque, allows fast and convenient payment online by transferring money directly to customer’s account or receiving such value by cash available for all banks nationwide

Service Features
KTB E-Cheque is available for three channels:
  1. For individuals, available online
  2. For juristic persons, available KTB Corporate Online
  3. Available through KTB branches

Customers can identify Release Code when doing payment transaction as agreed by both parties (Transferors / Transferees) along with the date of payment. We will notify transferees by E-Mail and/or SMS of such transaction after Release Code confirmation is completed. Receiving transferred money will be done on the date agreed. In case of Pay by Cash, Release Code should be required to receive such money at KTB branches or KTB ATM (which will be coming soon). KTB E-Cheque also available for cancelling transfer transaction.

With similar function to cheque payment, KTB E-Cheque is a new alternative for young generation allowing new technology to make customer’s easier life.

Key Features
  • Convenient : Online transfer for time saving allowing customers to receive money immediately
  • Fast : One day receiving money by electronic cheque, which is faster than paper cheuque, after confirming the Release Code provided by the bank
  • Safe : Available for any bank’s customers through KTB branch, transferring directly to bank account or KTB ATM (opening soon)
  • Confident : Checking product’s quality before confirming Release Code and specify the date of sending such code is also available.
  • In case of being KTB Corporate Online customers, payment status and bank balance of transferors checking is available in advance. SMS notification will be sent to transferors if transferors have not enough money

For more information, please contact
  • Krungthai Bank, nationwide, click here to locate the nearest branch to you
  • KTB Call Center 0-2111-1111  (
  • Branch Support Tel. 0-2208-4507, 4520, 4525, 4535