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KTB Zero Tax Account

KTB Zero Tax Account


15% Saving Account Interest Tax Exemption 
Plan your smart saving by choosing KTB Zero Tax deposit account. You will be exempted from saving account interest tax by 15% when making constant deposit over 24 months


Constant saving over 24 months

  • Earn fixed deposit interest over 24 months (minimum credit limit) per bank’s rate on the deposit date + 0.25% per annum
  • Interest will be calculated from the remaining balance everyday per applicable interest rate at the time. Interest is payable at the maturity of deposit
  • Interest rate will automatically adjust to the announcement of saving account interest rate 
  • 15% Saving zccount Interest rate tax-exempted 


Smart saving with tax benefit

  • Suitable for any individual who values financial discipline and good financial plan


Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum 1,000 Baht and up to 25,000 Baht deposit
  • Monthly deposit  of amount equal to initial deposit
  • Deposit can be made on any working hour and day within that month
  • Deposit can be made in cash or own branch’s cheque  or local payable cheque issued within the same month of deposit date
  • Maximum of 2 stops are allowed for 24-month deposit period
  • No interest is payable for less than 3-month deposit
  • For deposit over 3 months and not able to comply with terms or continue to deposit or  withdrawn before maturity, interest shall be calculated based on saving account interest rate and subject to interest tax
  • At the maturity of the deposit, the interest shall be transferred to the principle account (saving or current account) while the principal will be transferred to the 3-month fixed deposit account or saving account or current account as specified to the bank


Required Documents

For Individuals

  • Either one of these documents: ID card, Government Officer ID card, State Enterprise Personal ID card, or other Government Agency Official card with ID number
  • For minors: census registration with ID number or birth certificate and guardian’s documentation (item 1-3)


Make a smart saving choice with KTB Zero Tax Service nationwide