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Current Account

Current Account


Be Fast, Be Flexible with KTB Current Account Service to all your business needs
Every of your business will become much easier KTB CAC We speed, mobility, and flexibility suitable for business owners, both individuals and juristic persons, like you. Deposits, withdrawals, and overdraft credit to smoothen your business are available at every KTB branch.


Deposit and Withdrawal with OD credit

  • KTB Deposit Current Account is a cheque operated account to facilitate business’ financial transactions which makes deposit and withdrawal easy matters
  • KTB cheque allows you to deposit and withdraw under the given credit limit specified by the bank at any KTB branches 
  • ATM/VDB cards to facilitate cash withdrawal anywhere and anytime
  • Automatic money transfer service from your savings to your current account to facilitate check payment
  • Overdraft (OD) credit to increase business’ liquidity


Available for every size of business

  • Individual business owners
  • Small and medium business entities


Service Instructions

  • KTB Cheque service user is able to conveniently and timely carry out their cheque-related transaction including cheque status inquiry, cheque detainment summary inquiry, and stop cheque service
  • In order to secure check payment, draw two parallel lines at the top left corner of the cheque to ensure it is not cashable and will be deposited into an account only. Writing the world "A/C Payee Only" between those two parallel lines specifies that the cheque will be only deposited to the account whose name is written on the cheque.


Required Applicant’s Qualification

  • Securities including deposit, corporate bonds, real estate securities and personal or corporate warrantee (for OD credit applicant only)


Required Documents

  • Minimum initial amount of 10,000 Baht deposit is required for both individual customers and juristic persons


For Individuals

  • Either one of these documents; ID card, Government Officer ID card, State Enterprise Personal ID card, passport issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or driving license with ID number
  • For minors: census registration with ID number or birth certificate or guardian’s documentation 
  • For incompetent persons:  ID card, certificate of incompetence or other official certificate issued by the government
  • Foreigner allowed to temporarily live in Thailand    -     Valid passport with the stamp of Immigration    Bureau specifying the granted period of staying in Thailand or identification document issued by the government  agency or state of the country of origin and additional documents required as the case may be as follows:

             General Foreigner    
            -  —  Work Permit issued by Thai government agency or:
            -   House Registration Certificate  for Foreigner  ( Yellow Book –TorRor.13) , in which 13-digit identification number is  provided or:
            -   Evidence of income’s source ,for instance ,salary certificate ,pension certificate ,employment contract or related documents  indentified  the                                                           name of employer,employee and the company address certified by the source of income

              Foreign student 
            -   A reference letter issued by school or educational institution

For monks:

  • ID card or monk certificate and a copy of census registration 


For Juristic Person

  • An ID of an authorized person, authorized committee, and shareholders of more than 20% of total company
  • Company’s regulation
  • Company Registration issued by the registrar or the Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce with a certification from the registrar not over 30 days
  • A list of company’s shareholders
  • Minutes of meeting indicating an intention to open a account as well as power of attorney and condition of payment, signed by authorized person with company seal
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Certification of Company Seal (Bor Or Jor 3. or Bor Or Jor 4.) depicting the registered company seal a certification from the registrar not over 30 days. VAT Registration from the Department of Revenues
  • Tax Payer ID Card


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