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23 Aug 2012

Krung Thai Bank revolutionizes banking industry with new banking model, the “KTB netbank”, to offer the extremely easy way of banking

Krung Thai Bank revolutionizes banking industry with new banking model, the “KTB netbank”, to offer the extremely easy way of banking


          Krung Thai Bank has paved ways for big revolution by offering full services as a first Virtual Bank to make customers’ lives extremely easy. More convenient than the conventional going-to-bank and the internet banking, this new model offers a full banking function – be it a transfer of money through mobile phone, submission to loan approval, opening a new bank account by yourself or ordering transactions via VDO CALL with the bank – with a double pass codes; the SSL code sending via SMS every time the account is logged-in and when the account is moving, and the TOP code to verify account holder. Krung Thai is also happy to have a young MC, Woody – Wootithorn Milintajinda, presenting the service in the new commercials series.

          Dr.Sathit   Limpongpan,  Chairman of the Board of Directors, Krung Thai Bank, said that with the vision and the commitment of the bank to be the “Convenience Bank” that can support and service clients in all segments, it leads the bank to revolutionize the financial industry by bringing in technologies to provide more conveniences in the service and give seamless freedom to the financial world. This KTB netbank or Visual Bank is a full banking service that users can operate through mobile phone, computer or tablet, which is easier than actually going to the bank and better than the internet banking as they will get a higher interest rate for deposit and lower transaction fees.      

          KTB netbank is a revolutionary of banking integration where bank customers can transfer money between the KTB accounts and between accounts of different banks, pay for products and services, pay for loans, open new bank account, buy and sell funds or ask for credit approval, all by themselves without having to go to the bank. Customers can also order the bank to make transaction via a VDO Call system, just like being in the bank, by downloading a free netbank application from the Krung Thai’s website or Application Store. The bank also offers 3 different deposit models, including the NetSavings, the NetSpecialSavings that offers 0.50% higher annual interest rate than the normal current account, and the NetFixed.   

          Dr.Sathit   Limpongpan also said that the KTB netbank offers better services in which customers can transfer money without having the account number but the mobile phone number from the Contact List in the Phone Book. The receivers can retrieve money by presenting the codes at the branch or from the KTB ATM without the need of bank account, or by choosing for the money to be transferred to the wallet on the application. Moreover, customers can be ensured of the KTB netbank service security from the use of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) code, which will notify user via SMS every time the account is logged-in or when there is a movement in the account, as well as the Time Out Password (TOP) that will notify the account holder with details of all transactions.

          As for the new commercial campaign, the Revolution for an Extremely Easy Way of Banking, Krung Thai Bank has chosen a young MC, Woody – Wootithorn Milintajinda, as a presenter as he has an outstanding character and is a new generation who dare revolutionize a traditional lifestyle. The story tells that Woody has revolutionized the conventional transactions as, without going to the bank, he can do all via the Smart Gadget of the KTB netbank, which is a perfect visual bank for the extremely easy way of banking. The commercial campaign will give its debut today along with other commercial media while the bank will continue to launch more campaign to build awareness and understanding of this new service. 







Corporate Branding & Communications Department
August 23, 2012