KTB Art Lovers Club

KTB Art Lovers Club
Considering art’s importance in helping stress relief and soothe people’s minds, KTB conduct “KTB Art Lover Club” for employees and families to join our project arranging every year. This project aims to bridge a relationship within families and among employees leading to good working surroundings, working happiness with highest efficiency and potential for sustainable organization’s development.

Previous arranging workshops:
  1. Water color painting workshop by Sompote Singthong, Six Point artist being well-known for water color painting. This workshop will select good painting from workshop’s participants to the auction giving all money earned from it to charity and some of it to “KTB Volunteers Club”
  2. French Style Floristry by Ammara Nana, product designer for “Plants Save the World”. During the workshop, participants will experience utilizing plants, flowers and everything surrounding them. The objective of this workshop is to stimulate employees to craft their own desk decoration using environmental friendly materials which help reduce global warming.