Krung Thai Art and Culture Support

KTB strongly believe that arts and culture are the basis of wisdom, concentration and emotion development leading to having gentle mind and make Thai society sustainably and peacefully develop. We c ...

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KTB Sculptures Park

Since KTB provide subsidies for National Exhibition of Art by Silpakorn University and Purchasing Prize for artist award winners continually from 2003, there are over 100 masterpieces of sculpture, p ...

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KTB Art Gallery

KTB Art Gallery, now available for public who interested in art education, is renovated from KTB Yaowarat branch, once KTB headquarter, to be traditional art gallery. The 2nd floor of its building i ...

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KTB Art Lovers Club

Considering art’s importance in helping stress relief and soothe people’s minds, KTB conduct “KTB Art Lover Club” for employees and families to join our project arranging every year. This project ai ...

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