KTB CSR Prototype Organization

KTB CSR Prototype Organization

Selected by Thailand Environment Institute to be a model organization for other organizations nationwide, KTB shows the importance of our thinking method and social responsibility of business operation leading to be organization with corporate governance and social responsibility for business sector. Also, conducting such way is a key factor for improving economy, society and environment sustainability.

“KTB CSR Model Organization” consists of three sub-projects as follows:

  • KTB Volunteers Club
  • KTB Green Environment
  • KTB Young Footballers

KTB Volunteers Club
KTB Volunteers Club allows employees to participate in social activities like mangrove forest planting, financial and banking knowledge sharing to students and communities, etc.

KTB Green Environment
All of our buildings are constructed and decorated with environmental friendly materials, making us receive energy saving awards from various local and aboard institutions. We also emphasize on waste water treatment, using environmental friendly materials and supporting welfare for employees with the need of NGV installation. All employees can take part in energy saving and environmental conservation thoroughly.

KTB Young Footballers
We aim to create intellectual capital, support Thai education, provide opportunities for not well-to-do people and support sport activities to Thai youths.

Football playing skill is not only provides students appropriately knowledge, but also draws them attention to get away from drugs, being a good population for strong society.