KTB Volunteers Club

KTB Volunteers Club
“KTB Volunteers Club” campaign our employees to have social responsibility awareness and create good relationship among others by joining such activities as mangrove forest planting, setting aquatic animals free, English Junior Guide camping and sharing financial banking knowledge to communities.

All employees can take part in helping society, soothing their minds, balancing their lives, having good visions and connecting to external network by joining our project.

Since project’s operation in September 2007, we aim:
  1. To create intellectual capital, exchange new knowledge, embed service minded awareness through participating volunteer works, one of our moral practices
  2. To raise ethic among employees leading to social acknowledgement
  3. To support local communities and organizations’ project creating good relationship between communities and society
  4. To stimulate employees to taking an important part of KTB for Society
  5. To raise KTB’s role in crisis resolving and helping natural disaster victims

KTB Social and Environmental Project Plan
  1. “Bank for Schools/Bank for Communities” to install accounting and financial system, arrange program and administration training for students and local people further aiming them to gain knowledge and can share it to surrounding communities
  2. “Knowledge for environmental Volunteers” to expand Bank for Communities’ activities, raise financial administration and English practices including to join environmental activities with people in communities and help improve mangrove forest
  3. “Happiness with knowledge for those in Need Volunteers” to arrange IT activities, provide computers and modern instructional media for teachers and students using in education