Krung Thai Growing Green

Krung Thai Growing Green
KTB aims to create Green Culture with 3E; Environment: environmental conservation, Energy: energy saving and Ecology: ecological saving.

Our headquarter is decorated with local plants and flowers combining to natural materials like “City Forest” which easily caring by using water drop piping system in order to help creating green environment and absorb carbon monoxide. Moreover, we grow green environment at such our sub branches as Siam Square, Pattanakarn 17, Ram Indra km.12 together with installing Green Roof at the deck of Yaowarat branch, KTB Art Gallery location to help reduce global warming.

KTB also embed our employees to utilize energy saving and environmental conservation knowledge in both their offices and homes, that is, campaigning employees to make desk decoration with leaves and twig. All of these help reduce energy using, global warming and create beautiful working place.

In addition, we provide loan for environmental friendly project such as KTB Energy Saving Loan, Domestic Energy Loan and SMEs-KTB Green Awards to campaign every businessman to use energy efficiently and friendly to environment. To support this campaign, we arrange “Krung Thai Weaving Dream Schools” to be the Green School and stimulate student to join Green Project competition called “Krung Thai Young Enterprise” which further create intellectual capital.