Project on Planting Good Seeds…. Under Sufficiency

Project on Planting Good Seeds…. Under Sufficiency

Economy Philosophy

As 2011 marked a very important year of all the Thais , the Bank joined hands with the office of the Royal Development Project Board, the Board of Trade of Thailand , the Federation of Thai Industries and the office of the Basic Education Commission in laying the operation plan for the Project on “Planting Good Seeds

…. Under Sufficiency Economy Philosophy ” to be in royal dedication to His Majesty the King on the auspicious occasion of the 7th Cycle Birthday celebration by humbly adopting His Majesty the King’s initiative in sufficiency economy as guidelines for further development of schoolchildren ,teachers and schools in Krungthai Dream School Project as well as the communities around the school. This new project will enable all people concerned to have knowledge awareness and consciousness of sharing in social development in a balanced and sustainable manner. At the same time ,the Bank’s customers and people nationwide have been promoted and urged to participate in developing the youth as vital foundation in national development through fund raising activity by making donation to  the Planning Good Seeds Fund to be used as capital for youth development in the three main components namely:

  1. .Morality and Ethics Planting (social component) to focus on instilling awareness and consciousness in children and family to acknowledge the merit of morality and ethics especially honesty or integrity and gratitude toward their parents and benefactors as well as the homeland.
  2. Life Pillar Planting (economic component) to focus on instilling knowledge in children and family that “ attention Must Be Paid to Money Matter “ so that  they will prepare household account of income and expense while promoting them to live their life under the new agriculture theory in accordance with sufficiency economy philosophy.

Nature Planting (environment component) to focus on promoting schools to be KTB Green Schools that can serve as prototype to surrounding communities. Meanwhile, school botanical garden operation will be promoted under the School Botanical Garden Project derived from the royal initiative of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.