Krungthai Dream Schools Project

Krungthai Dream Schools Project

In 2005, the Bank set up “Krungthai Bank PCL Education Support Project” to develop schools in the project entitled “One District, One Dream School” of the Office of the Basic Education Commission, which was later renamed as “Dream Schools, Good School Near Home”. Therefore, the Bank renamed its project

“Krungthai Dream School” and divided the project operation into three phases from 2005 to 2013 with total budget being allocated to 94 schools in the amount of 260 million baht covering schools nationwide.

Apart from being a project that promotes learning through development of learning and teaching for schools as new type of learning place with focus on learning and teaching enabling students to know how to search for or find out answers and solutions themselves as well as knowing how to salve problems through systematic thinking and analytical process, the project has been giving support to procure educational equipment, learning & teaching media and various information technology (IT) instruments including human resources. All this has enabled respective schools to have better quality up to standards, and the schools have already been assessed as prototypes of Dream Schools as targeted. Most importantly, the Project is able to increase the educational opportunity to the youngsters in the Thai society more comprehensively.

The Bank has conducted a large number of activities and projects that served as expansion of results from Krungthai Dream Schools Project seriously and continuously such as :

- School Bank Project
In 2005, the Bank started to install school Bank system in the schools under the Krungthai Dream Schools Project so as to instill in the students and school staff members the knowledge of finance and banking as well as savings discipline and to organize various activities for campaigning and creating motivation to the students. For example, all the students are required to hold deposit account with the school bank while awarding prizes to students who can save highest amount of money and promoting household accounting or bookkeeping for students as well.

- School Directors Seminar under Krungthai Dream Schools Project
In 2007, the Bank started to implement the School Directors Seminar scheme for the first year with the objective to enhance the body of knowledge and create exchange of learning and experience to top up the intellectual capital as well as strengthening good relations among school directors. Besides, the Bank established the Directors Development for Excellence Project by giving them the opportunities to have study tours abroad for broader vision and creation of educational experience and school management that will lead to further development and improvement of schools for greater efficiency.

- ICT Teaching Aids Contest Project
In 2006, the bank joined hands with Mahidol Wittayanusorn School to set up a project on “Cooperation for Development of Creation and Use of ICT in Learning Management” by training and developing the teachers to be able to produce ICT teaching aids which would help the students to better understand the lessons. Later in 2009, the Bank expanded the project results by organizing an ICT teaching aids contest for the first time to urge the teachers to enhance their skill in producing teaching aid with greater efficiency in line with the contents of curriculum enabling students to understand the lessons easily and better. This would also enable them to learn off classroom and boost morale of the teachers who created the ICT teaching aids to be utilized for further educational development.

- Krungthai University Graduates Project
Krungthai Bank in 2009 started to grant scholarships to students of secondary education class 6 of Krungthai Dream School who had the highest cumulative points at upper-secondary level of their school with good conduct, diligence and ethical morals to be able to take entrance exam into the leading state universities according to the Bank’s requirements to study until graduation at Bachelor’s Degree level. The scholarships have been granted with no binding or obligation with the Bank. The Bank also organized activities to boost relations among the students receiving scholarships under Krungthai University Graduates Project regularly every year for students in all batches through assistance in giving advice on studying, living the life and joining social activities.

- Book Corner to Promote Reading and Writing Project
This project is derived from the success of the Good Books for Youth Project by
providing each library of schools under Krungthai Dream School Project and outside the Project with 124 good books together with book cabinet. Then the bank expanded the project results by setting up the Book Corner to Promote Reading and Writing Project with the objective to enable the students to be aware of the importance of reading and writing.

Besides, there are several other projects that are the expansion of results from Krungthai Dream Schools such as KTB Green School Project, Savings Discipline for Teachers, Students and Parents Projects  ,Music Building Relations with Krungthai Dream Schools, KTB Young Reporters and School Development Pilot Project.