Krungthai Business Ethics Initiative (White Seedlings ) Project

Krungthai Business Ethics Initiative (White Seedlings ) Project
In 2007, the Bank accepted the royal initiative of sufficiency economy philosophy of his Majesty the King as the guidelines for the implementation of Krungthai Business Ethics Initiative (White Seedlings) Project with cooperation from the Clean Thailand Foundation , the Office of Higher Education Commission and Chulalongkorn University in order to plant the white Seedlings that signified the youth of the nation to be competent and decent with knowledge and ethics, knowing how to apply the sufficiency economy philosophy to their living the life with expansion of results to the family and community. This Project gives the opportunity to the youngsters studying at undergraduate level in all fields of study from all educational institutions nationwide to submit their concepts of conducting the business with ethics and morality to participate in the contest to win the royal trophies bestowed by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn together with scholarships for study tours of the royal development projects and study and observation tours abroad worth 1,550,000 Baht in total.

The year 2009 was the first year that the Bank was bestowed on it the royal championship trophy by HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. Later in 2010, Krungthai Business Ethics Initiative Project (White Seedlings) and Krungthai Young Enterprise Project were promoted and supported by the Office of State Enterprise and Private Business Counter Corruption, the office of the National Counter Corruption Commission as a project with participation in creating morality and ethics of the youth. In 2011, the Project was honored by the Office of the Prime Minister to be a project taking part in the royal celebration in honor of His

Majesty the King on the auspicious occasion of the royal celebration of the 7th   the Cycle Of his Majesty the King’s Birthdays 5 December 2011 under the new Project title “ Krungthai Business Ethics Initiative (White Seedlings) Project in Royal Celebration in Honor of His Majesty the King on the Auspicious Occasion of the Grand Royal Celebration of the 7th  Cycle of His Majesty the King’s Birthday , 5 December 2011”.

Further from the success of implementing this project and supports given by various organizations , the Bank topped up the value creation and expanded the results of prototype project from various projects which were awarded in the previous year as the Best Practices for Dissemination to the society and community in a wider scale from people in the community to the younger generation. This has been done by compiling relevant information on the Project website so as to create occupations on the basis of sufficiency , sustainability and self-reliance under the sufficiency economy philosophy in the royal statement of His Majesty the King . Interested persons are  able to obtain the Project details together with various best practices on our website :