Treatment towards stakeholders 

The Bank has prescribed the rights and roles of the stakeholders in various groups as an integral part of the Code of Conduct while disseminating them through the Bank’s media to enable the stakeholders to acknowledge them and strictly adhere to those rights and rules for the benefit of the firm and sustainable business operation.

  • Shareholders : Conducting banking business to obtain good operating performance creating profit for continuous and sustainable growth.
  • Customers : Providing services willingly to the best of the ability with equitability and fairness and not to disclose customer information except when being prescribed by law or receiving written permission from customer.
  • Creditors : Complying with the terms and conditions as agreed upon with the creditors to retain the Bank’s reputation and credibility.
  • Trading Partners : Adhering to the principle of the Bank’s optimum interest regardless of self-interest and giving true and complete information.
  • Bank’s Business Alliances : Complying with the agreement jointly made and rendering assistance in favorable.
  • Competitors : The Bank has no policy on competing through imputation, mischievous frame-up or distortion of facts of competitors. It also avoids verbal agreement or talk with employees of other financial institutions on the issue that may adversely affect its banking business competitiveness.
  • Society and Environment : The Bank focuses on creating intellectual capital including art, religions sports and environmental conservation through respective projects and activities.
  • Employees : The Bank gives the opportunities to its employees at all levels to advance in their career path on equal basis coupled with caring about salaries and various benefits.
  • Government / Public Sector : The Bank supports the government operations and complies with the requirements and policies of the regulators along with its support and promotion for cooperation in respective activities organized by government agencies and public organizations.