Print Last Update : 2 Jun 2016


Terms of Service Use and Security Policy

Krungthai Bank PLC. wishes to express its thank to you for your confidence and trust in visiting the Bank’s website : In this regard, the Bank has been aware of the importance of security in accessing the data or information on the website and access to private information as well as secure storage of your private data. Hence, the Bank has devoted its effort and time in developing the security system using state-of the-art technology with regular surveillance and verification of website to ensure security. All this will enable the Bank to be ready to serve you as your Convenience Bank for always.

Agreement and Terms of Use

Krungthai Bank PCL. (hereinafter referred to as “the Bank”) is the proprietor and manager of the website: The user of the Bank’s website is required to accept this agreement and various terms of use or functioning. You have the duty to read them thoroughly before logging in . Your log in for use on the website shall be deemed that you have accepted the agreement and any terms and conditions with legal – binding between you and the Bank. If you do not accept the agreement and terms of use of the Bank’s website, please do not access of this website.


  • Disclaimer
    The Bank has established this website with the purpose to compile and disseminate the data or information in various aspects of the Bank and the companies in the Bank’s financial business group. This website also facilitates you in using the Bank’s products and services of various types. The Bank does not certify that all the information or data on this website are accurate and up-to-date, and reserves its rights to correct, improve or amend any requirements and terms and conditions on this website without prior notice.
  • The Bank’s Logo and Copyright
    Krungthai Bank PCL. and its financial business group of companies are the proprietor / owner of the logo and registered trademark including any complementary or supplementary items on the Bank’s website such as articles, photographs, texts, symbols, video clips, advertising media, graphic animation and various design works which the Bank deems that they all are legally protected with prohibition of reproduction, copying, reprinting, photocopying, alteration, dissemination or any other acts for commercial or public purpose except upon the receipt of written consent from the Bank and its financial business group of companies.
  • Information and Data on Bank’s Website
    Krungthai Bank PCL. has established and manage this website in Thailand and such website is protected and governed by the Thai laws. The Bank does not assure that this website is appropriate for functioning in other countries. You have the duty to be responsible for compliance with the laws on use of websites in such particular country. The Bank reserves the right to present, enhance, improve and amend or correct the information. The data or information appeared on the website have been prepared with no purpose of giving recommendation or advice as an expert and you should seek advice or suggestion from the expert when necessary. Moreover, the information on the Bank’s products and services of certain types maybe limited on application for service use and can be available for use in certain areas or specific groups of customer.
  • Connection to External Website
    The website of Krungthai Bank PCL. maybe further connected to external website, which are under the supervision of the third person that does not have any relations with the Bank. Besides, the Bank is not conversant with the preparation of external website and does not take part in verifying the accuracy of such website being connected to the Bank’s website. Therefore, you are required to solely accept the risk that may arise with no involvement in the Bank. The Bank thus accepts no liability for any damage or loss that may incur due to the relevant goods or services and the presented substance as well as the defects or deficiencies of goods or breach of contract appeared on external website with connection to the Bank’s website. Therefore, you have the duty to carefully read the requirements and terms of service use of such website before log-in for service.

    On same occasions, connecting to external website may facilitate your downloading of any software. Krungthai Bank PCL. will take no responsibility for any failure, loss or damage incurred from downloading of such software and you are required to accept the requirements and terms of service use. Moreover, if you are unable to comply with such requirements and terms of service use, you may be in the position of a person infringing the copyright or the intellectual property right of the proprietor of software copyright.
  • Limitation of Responsibility
    Krungthai Bank PCL. reserves the right to accept no responsibility for any damage, expenses, costs and loss that may incur, directly or indirectly, from the Bank’s website including accuracy and precision of data, delay in data transfer, duration of data dissemination, difficulty or obstacle of connection, error in display of results, system stability and computer virus from using the Bank’s website services. Besides, further connection to other internet network through the Bank’s website is deemed as your own risk of which the accuracy of substance, form of presentation, attach by computer virus, information theft, opinion expression and any such connections have not been verified and certified by Krungthai Bank PCL.


Security for Service Use

  • Secured Socket Layer (SSL) Technology
    The Bank has adopted high – level standard of information security with the Secured Socket Layer (SSL) which is a technology for accessing encrypted data at the level of 128 bits encryption to encrypt the data / information that are transmitted through internet network every time that you have to conduct financial transaction on the internet of Krungthai Bank PCL. Such technology causes any person trying to catch the data on the way of transmission unable to such data further. The Bank’s security system has been verified and received a Verisign Certificate issued by Verisign Inc. which is a company of world-class security system standards.
  • Data Encryption
    Data of great importance such as passwords will pass through the encryption process using sophisticated and complex algorithm before storing the data in the system. This is a one – way data encryption used in comparing the data obtained from customers only.
  • Firewall
    The Bank has installed multiple-layer firewall to protect the data. Such firewall serves as a security officer at the gate that does not allow any stranger to log in and off the system.
  • Intrusion Detection
    This is a software used in checking and giving warning texts promptly as any irregularities occur in the system.
  • Anti-virus
    All the Bank’s computers have been installed by anti-virus software for preventing any virus. The software is efficient and updated regularly.
  • Lock Password
    In case of entering wrong password three times, the system will cancel your service use in order to prevent any login to use your account for conducting financial transaction in bad faith.
  • Auto Logout
    If the customer who uses the Bank’s Internet Banking Service does not logout from system after use or leave the monitor screen on without typing or conducting any transaction on the screen within the time specified by the Bank, the system will automatically logout.

Privacy Policy

Krungthai Bank PCL. has realized the importance of storing your private / personal data and privacy. Your private data will be stored to the best in accordance with the criteria for storage of confidential data of the Bank as detailed below :

  • The Bank will definitely not disclose your private data to other persons or external organization for profit taking from any sale or distribution of your private data, and they will be kept confidential.

  • The Bank may have to disclose your private data upon request in the following cases :
  • In compliance with the order by the court, state or public organization and government agency upon request to use such data in supplement to a legal proceeding or for any other objectives as stipulated by laws.
  • Upon your request and in empowering / authorizing the Bank is disclosing the data.
  • In enabling you to achieve the objective of conducting financial transactions.
  • In reporting the data to the Credit Bureau.