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Trust Receipt

Trust Receipt


For Thai business stability, KTB provides Trust Receipt service to build up constant imported business for Thailand together with more confidence business transaction.  This short term loan is suitable for customers who open L/C payment for imported products.  The period of credit approval will be done within 24 hours after receiving all required documents

Service Features
We provide a short term loan for importers whose payment is done by L/C. Trust Receipt: T/R will be done for granting certificate of ownership to receive products for manufacturing and selling in advance, with payment to the bank within 180 days

Type of Service
Service type can be divided based on payment term as follows:
  • T/R Sight in Thai or Foreign currency
  • T/R Usance of foreign currency according to the term requested by the sellers
Applicants’ qualifications
  • Being importers
  • Having financial credit of L/C + T/R or T/R with bank
Service Terms/Conditions
  • Having financial credit of L/C and T/R with bank
  • Having T/R in Thai or Foreign currency
Service Location
Request of T/R application is available at KTB branches, Foreign Business Center or International Trade Finance Service

Required documents
T/R contract

Any questions, please contact Call Center Trade Finance Service Tel. 0-2208-3777

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