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Transferable L/C

Transferable L/C


This serves as succeeding service of notification service for L/C opening and amendment where the L/C is transferable and the sellers or beneficiaries under L/C (First Beneficiary) require to transfer L/C to other exporters (Second Beneficiary)

Service Objectives
To provide customers (sellers / beneficiary under L/C) the fast and convenient L/C transfer service to the second beneficiary

Applicants’ Qualifications
  • Being customers (beneficiary by L/C / seller) whose business are international export
  • Being or not being customer of the bank is also available

Service Terms / Conditions
  • L/C Transfer Application, under the terms and conditions of L/C service without being contrary to the UCP600 regulation, will be submitted to the bank by customers/ beneficiary
  • L/C of the first beneficiary will be identified with “Transferable”
  • Not the L/C with Partial Shipment in case of assigning the second beneficiary
Required Documents
  • Application for Transferable Credit
  • Original L/C

Customers will receive the convenience of L/C transfer to another sellers in case of not ready for selling by earning commission from the other sellers

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