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Bill Payment

Bill Payment




Feeling every beats of your life with convenience, Krungthai Bank opens up services supporting credit card payment, mobile phone top up or insurance premium payment through various channels available nationwide


Service Features

Five payment channels available

  • Products and services payment nationwide
  • Payment through ATM or ADM, the first payment machine scanning your code, nationwide
  • Payment through KTB netbank allowing you a cost saving. Highest security Online system will serve you 24 hours a day and everyday
  • Payment through Krungthai Telebank which is available for you 24 hours a day and everyday
  • Payment through mobile phone banking service providing convenience for you everywhere like having your personal bank


Type of Payment Acceptance

  • Mobile phones, both pre and post paid
  • Credit cards payment
  • Car and motorcycle installments
  • Loan payment
  • Airplane or bus tickets payment
  • Products payment through internet purchase
  • Education registration payment
  • Tax payment for individuals, juristic persons available for all types of tax payment and various groups to satisfy customers’ needs



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