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International Remittance for Education

International Remittance for Education


Full-Range Outward Remittance Service Regardless of the destination country, KTB makes the service available through its 1,000 branches nationwide:


If you wish to make outward remittances for overseas tuition fees, Krungthai Bank offers you the no-fuss convenience and the ease of financial access for their beneficiaries at the one-stop service point because: 

  • Customers can make use of the service through KTB’s 1,000 plus branches nationwide without the necessity of limiting themselves to the service at any one branch;   
  • Outward remittance service makes it possible for customers to make financial transfers to their loved ones anywhere around the globe* as Krungthai Bank has arranged partnership with designated banks around the world;
  • It takes 15 currencies including US dollars, Euro, British pound sterling, Japanese Yen, Singapore dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Australian dollar, New Zealand dollar, Swiss franc, Canadian dollar, Danish kroner, Norwegian kroner, Swedish kroner, Indonesian rupiah and Indian rupee; 
  • Your children at the destination bank will receive the remittance the day the transaction is made;**
  • You will be instantly notified of the remittance by the Bank via an e-Advice message to your e-Mail address;
  • Because the Bank champions the cause of education, customers will enjoy better exchange rates for outward remittance for education.** 

* Not applicable to bank accounts or countries for which financial transfers are banned.
* * Krungthai Bank’s conditions apply.


Extra services that make KTB Outward Remittance Service for Education all the more meaningful, with

  • Information about domestic and overseas education scholarship;  
  • Loan for further overseas study;
  • Issuance of letter to verify one’s financial status required for visa application;
  • Special exchange rates;  
  • ATM VISA Debit Service for international cash withdrawal and
  • Foreign Currency Deposit Account (FCD).


For convenience and speed, the guardians are advised to provide the following details pertaining to the beneficiary at the destination country:

  • The account name and number of the remittance beneficiary;
  • The name and bank code of the destination bank overseas, e.g. SWIFT CODE, IBAN NO., ABA No., SORT CODE.


Accompanying documents:  

  1. A copy of ID card of the person making the remittance; 
  2. A copy of the student’s passport or
  3. A copy of entry visa permit or
  4. A copy of Acceptance Letter for college enrolment from the host university or any other educational proofs
  5. A copy of the front page of the account book bearing the account number of the related foreign bank, if any.


Outward Remittance Fee, select one  

Charge Ben. : The beneficiary is responsible for the transfer fee charged by the destination bank.  This will be deducted from the transferred amount.  Therefore, the beneficiary only receives the amount minus bank fee. On the other hand, a service fee of Baht 400/ transaction, applicable to all foreign currencies, is charged when the transaction is made through the KTB branches. For online transaction via KTB netbank, however, a special Baht-300 charge per transaction applies.  

Charge Our : In case the beneficiary wishes to receive Pay in Full* transfer, the transferor will be responsible for the foreign bank charges.

* The remittance beneficiary may receive only the transferred amount minus bank fee as a result of the terms applied by the foreign bank.
* For fee charged against tuition fees, the Bank recommends customers to opt for Charge Our.   


For more information, please contact
  • Foreign Exchange Business Department Tel. 0-2208-3616 to 20 
  • Krungthai Bank, nationwide, click here to locate the nearest branch to you
  • Call Center +662 111-1111 ( \


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