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Fixed Account

Fixed Account


Design your own saving scheme
Save with confidence of steady and long-term return with KTB fixed deposit account, the term of which chosen by you to suit your requirement and predictable compound interest


Choose your own saving period

  • Fix  your saving period, for example 3, 6, 12, 24, 36 months
  • Fixed interest as announced by the bank at the time of deposit
  • Minimum 1,000 Baht per deposit for 3, 6, and 12 months fixed deposit. Interest is payable at the end of deposit term 
  • Minimum 1,000 Baht per deposit for 24 and36 months fixed deposit. Interest is payable every three months by direct transfer to the principle account (saving or current account) 


Opt for financial discipline for your future

  • Suitable for everyone including business owners, self-employed, and employees with fixed income
  • Suitable for those who plan for long-term savings for themselves and family members


Terms and Conditions


Fixed Deposit of 3 , 6 and 12 months

Fixed Deposit of 24 and 36 months

Three month account – no interest for premature withdrawal

No interest for premature withdrawal within the initial three months

Six and 12 months account with minimum 3-month deposit duration – withdrawnable before due, interest of which shall be calculated based on saving account interest rate according to type of account at the date of withdrawal and subject to withholding tax

Deposit over three months, interest shall be calculated based on actual deposit period according to type of account at the date of withdrawal and subject to withholding tax. Excess interest paid by the bank shall be deducted against the principle

In case that the deposit term is mature on the bank’s holiday and the matured sum is withdrawn on a working day after such holiday, the interest shall be calculated for such holiday in addition to the specified maturity date at the previously specified rate

At the maturity of the deposit, the sum shall be transferred to the principle account (saving or current account) as specified to the bank



Required Documents

For Individuals

  • Either one of these documents: ID card, Government Officer ID card, State Enterprise Personal ID card, other Government Agency Official card with ID number, Passport issued by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or driving license with ID number
  • For minors: census registration with ID number or birth certificate or guardian’s documentation 
  • For incompetent persons:  ID card, certificate of incompetence or other official certificate issued by the government
  • Foreigner allowed to temporarily live in Thailand   
     -     Valid passport with the stamp of Immigration    Bureau specifying the granted period of staying in Thailand or identification document issued by the government  agency or state of the country of origin and additional documents required as the case may be as follows:

             General Foreigner     
—            -  Work Permit issued by Thai government agency or:
           -  House Registration Certificate  for Foreigner  ( Yellow Book –TorRor.13) , in which 13- digit identification number is  provided or Evidence of income’s source ,for instance ,salary certificate ,pension certificate ,employment contract or related documents  indentified  thename of employer,employee and the company address certified by the source of income

            Foreign student     —        
          -  A reference letter issued by school or educational institution

For monks:

  • ID card or monk certificate and a copy of census registration 


For Juristic Persons

  • An ID of an authorized person,authorized committee, and shareholders of more than 20% of total company
  • Company’s regulation
  • Company Registration issued by the registrar or the Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce with a certification from the registrar not over 30 days
  • A list of company’s shareholders
  • Minutes of meeting indicating an intention to open a account as well as power of attorney and condition of payment, signed by authorized person with company seal
  •  Memorandum of Association
  • Certification of Company Seal (Bor Or Jor 3. or Bor Or Jor 4.) depicting the registered company seal a certification from the registrar not over 30 days. VAT Registration from the Department of Revenues
  • Tax Payer ID Card


Draw your own steady future with KTB nationwide

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