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Domestic Funds Transfer

Retail Funds Transfer

You can trust in our fast, accurate, and safe system at every KTB branch, ready to deliver your money to recipients through various services.Service FeaturesDomestic Fund Transfer Transfer within KTB ...

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Trusted with Inter-Banking Transfer Service, BAHTNET, KTB most convenient service you can rely on Service Features BAHTNET is another way for inter-banking transferring money through the Bank of Thai ...

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Direct Credit / Payroll

You can be confident in direct transfer service which is fast, convenient, accurate and safe with nationwide network. All transactions can be tracked immediately.Service Features Direct Transfer has ...

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Bulk Payment System

Multiple Money transfer transaction services with convenience, cost savings and safety assurances Service Features An automatic money transfer services within Bulk Payment System member ...

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KTB E-Cheque

KTB-E-Cheque is the one of the bank’s electronic money transfer services, developed to add more security assure on money transfer via electronic system with receiving code. Increasing more convenience ...

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