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KTB Business Assurance Working Capital

KTB Business Assurance Working Capital

Nature of Loan Service
Term loan to be used for making payment of life insurance premium to life insurance company approved by the Bank at the free will of the customer who applies for this loan in order to mitigate or reduce loss that may incur to a business loan used as working capital. This KTB Business Assurance term loan will benefit the customer conducting such business in case of loss of life or total infirmity. The insured amount of life insurance will remain fixed throughout the insurance period.

Qualifications of Borrower

  • Natural person or juristic entity having business loan in the type of working capital with Krung Thai Bank  Pcl.
  • Being under the project which is mutually agreed upon between Krung Thai Bank Pcl. and the insurance company approved by the Bank.

Loan Type and Limit
Term loan (T/L) to be considered as deemed necessary and exceed the life insurance premium that must be paid to the life insurance company approved by the Bank.

Interest Rate / Fee Commission

  • Interest rate at MLR% per annum
  • Waiver is given to management fee, front and fee and credit consulting fee.
  • Other fees/commission according to the Bank’s procedures


Loan Period
Loan period and repayment period shall be considered as deemed appropriate for each customer. Minimum loan period is one year but not more than the life insurance coverage period

Collateral shall be in accordance with the Bank’s procedures

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