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Letter of Guarantee: L/G

Letter of Guarantee: L/G

Service Features
It is one of the services offered by the bank as Advising Bank similar to L/C opening / amendment service allowing convenience for the customer (beneficiary) to open / amend international agent bank’s Letter of Guarantee or Standby L/C in a short time.

Customers who operate business with international partner that requires L/G or Standby L/C to guarantee the agreed business can open / amend L/G or Standby L/C for the customer (beneficiary) within 24 hours. Such L/G or Standby L/C will be inspected whether it is a real document from the international bank.

After receiving Letter of Guarantee: L/G or Standby L/C from the international agent bank to guarantee for the beneficiary in Thailand, the bank will notify the beneficiary by L/G or Standby L/C to receive the said L/G or Standby L/C without being bound with the L/G.

Service Procedure / Conditions
Customer’s Qualifications

  • Being bank’s customer or not is also available

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