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Revolving Guarantee

Revolving Guarantee

Fast and convenient service for manufacturing business – importing materials to local manufacturing before exporting the finishing product, by issuing the Letter of Guarantee to secure the rate of import duty, and tax refund by online system


Type of Service
The warranty enhancing financial liquidity

Service Features
Letter of Guarantee is issued to secure the rate of import duty and tax refund online, without cash-as securities. Payment amount will be determined by raw material quotation. The securities and bondsmen include deposit, bonds, immovable properties, individuals or juristic persons. Applying for the service, please contact KTB branches nationwide.

Applicants’ Qualifications
Being business raw material importer and exporter with one year of exporting such materials aboard since the date of importing and with the credit approval letter from the bank

Loan Terms
1 year

Service Fee
1.0% per six months with the rate based on the amount of guaranteed bank statement

How to Apply
  • Request of Credit approval by Bank Letter of Guarantee
  • Accept service terms and conditions for importing raw material abroad

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