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Letter of Credit Service

Letter of Credit Service

To reinforce Thai economy with convenient and reliable international transactions, we provide loans and issuance of payment guarantee for both buyers and sellers to secure the product’s delivery.

Service Features
To increase the business liquidity, KTB provides an unlimited loan (case by case) with cash deposit, bonds, properties as securities as well as individuals and juristic person as the bondsmen

Applicants’ Qualifications

  • Being individuals or juristic persons who own property as required by the bank.

  • Being above the loan criteria stated by the bank

Service Terms/ Conditions
Type of Loan – Business Loan

Required Documents

  • Company’s affidavit

  • Memorandum of Association

  • List of shareholders

  • A copy of the company’s tax identification

  • Financial statement

  • A copy of the 6-month backward bank accounts

  • The minute of meeting stating the company’s intention to apply for the Bank’s loan service

Interest Rate and Fee
Interest rate at 2.50% per year with minimum 300 baht service charges

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