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Shipping Guarantee & Delivery Order

Shipping Guarantee & Delivery Order


When the products that the customer (buyer / importer) ordered through open L/C or B/C or Air Waybill (AWB) do not arrive at the bank, the customer can ask the bank to issue letter of guarantee for the shipping company (Delivery Order: D/O) or for products being delivered by airplane, to submit to the shipping company or airline instead of B/L or AWB documents to release the products for sale or production for sale next.

Type of Service
  • Shipping Guarantee (S/G): Guarantee letter issued by the bank to the shipping company as a Bill of Lading: B/L for receiving products before Shipping Document’s arrival
  • Delivery Order (D/O): Air cargo receiving documents with the bank’s endorsement issuing for customers to receive product
Service Objectives
A service provides for receiving product in case of the product under the L/C or B/C services arrived but the Shipping Documents do not. The bank will issue Shipping Guarantee for shipping company to receive the product as stated by a copy of B/L. B/L original will be sent after receiving the product in case of shipping. Customers can request for Delivery Order with the bank’s endorsement to receive the product from the shipping company in case of air cargo reducing product storage’s expense.

Applicants’ Qualifications
  • Being customers who own import business for sale or production for sale
  • Having L/C+T/R credit line with the bank

Service Terms / Conditions
  • Having L/C+T/R credit line with the bank
  • Submitting T/R application
  • Submitting other documents required by the bank. S/G or D/O will be issued only for the case of document sent via the bank
  • After receiving Shipping Document, B/L with the bank’s endorsement will be required for receiving S/G back from the bank
  • For S/G or D/O application request, contact bank’s branch, international business center or international trade department
Required Documents
  • For Shipping Guarantee case,
    • Shipping Guarantee application form
    • Letter of Guarantee form from shipper
    • A copy of Invoice
    • A copy of B/L
    • Trust Receipt Contract (T/R)
  • For Delivery Order case
    • Letter / Application for receiving D/O from the airlines
    • A copy of Invoice
    • A copy of Air Waybill
    • Delivery Order
    • Trust Receipt Contract (T/R)
  • Faster receiving service
  • No need for product storage
  • Product damages will not happen
  • Additional fee will be collected in case of not receiving products in time as stated by Thai Customs Department

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