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Internet L/C Opening and Amendment

Internet L/C Opening and Amendment


Open and amend your L/C with the fastest and the most convenient online service from KTB. We will check all documents’ accuracy and send such documents to the recipient bank. Customers can send original documents after all process has done.

Type of Service
Fast and convenient L/C opening and amendment with time reduction

Service Objectives
It is the service that the bank offers for the convenience of the customer to open / amend L/C with the bank without having to submit the documents to the bank before initiating the work.

Applicants’ Qualifications
  • Having L/C+T/R credit line with the bank
  • Regularly using L/C with the bank


Service Application

  • Contact trade finance department, international business center, business office or loan customer care unit
  • System information will be explained by International trade department or international business center officer
  • Signature accepted for KTB e-L/C use should be required including customer’s name
  • Relevant and installing system process will be done by the bank
Service Terms/Conditions
  • Having L/C credit line for product payment with the bank
  • Having high liquidity of L/C payment
  • Agreeing with L/C conditions
  • After the transaction is done, hard copy of L/C/ Amendment printed online with authorized signature should be sent to the bank
Required Documents
  • Automated Funds Transfer and Automated Letter of Credit through Electronic Banking Services’ application
  • Automated Funds Transfer and Automated Letter of Credit terms and conditions through Electronic Banking Services
  • Company registration certificate and Memorandum of Association
  • The original of the Company’s Board of Directors’ meeting with service application’s approval
  • A copy of shareholders holding more than 20% of shares
  • The original of power of attorney in case of company authorizes an individual to sign the service application form on its behalf
  • Fast and convenient L/C opening
  • Self service
  • L/C opening tracking
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