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e-Export Bills

e-Export Bills


e-Export Bills convenient service is the system sending e-Export Bills directly from company to the bank, allowing our staffs to check all accuracy before delivering to the foreign bank of suppliers

Service Features
Export Bills online (Internet) directly from company to the bank

Service Objectives
It is the service providing convenience for customers who run export business. The system operation will check the accuracy of the documents for fast collecting payment

Applicants’ Qualifications
  • Being international exporters
  • Being the bank’s regular export product service customers
Service Terms / Conditions
  • Service Application
    • Customers can contact the bank international trade department or international business center or business office or customers’ loan department
    • International trade or international business center officer will be responsible for explaining system’s initial instruction
    • Service Agreement will be sign online
  • Having FPL and/or FPC with the bank
  • Having regularly business transaction with the bank
  • Submitting application and service agreement as regulated by the bank
  • After submitting the documents through e-Export system, original copy must be sent to the bank immediately
Required Documents
  • Export Products Application online
  • Originals of Board of Directors’ Meeting authorizing the company to engage in export products application online (e-Export)
  • Original Power of Attorney (in case of individuals doing such transaction on behalf of juristic person)
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