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Forward Exchange Bought

Forward Exchange Bought


A service for preventing floating exchange rate and allowing customers to know a fixed income earned by product export. The bank agrees to purchase forward foreign currency with currently fixed rate. Such purchasing and payment will be done within a period of time as stated in the contract.

Service Objectives
To prevent floating exchange rate predicted the weak of Thai Baht (Receiving less foreign currency because of strong value of Thai Baht)

Applicants’ Qualifications
  • Being international exporters with foreign currency business
  • Having Forward Contract with the bank

Service Terms / Conditions
  • Service Conditions
    • Having a Forward Contract with the bank
    • Having Underlying Transaction
    • Using partial Forward Contract will be fined
    • Applying for service, please contact financial management department directly for Forward Foreign Currency Sold
  • Preventing risks from floating exchange rate
  • Knowing fixed income earning from exporting


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