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Export Bills for Collection

Export Bills for Collection


It is the L/C and Export Bills for Collection: B/C which is not purchased by the bank but will be sent to collect payment from issuing bank. Customers will receive such payment after it is completely collected.

Service Features
A service for document collection associated with L/C and/or the customer’s B/C for fund collection in case customers do not need to use money immediately. The reason for applying this service would be:
  • Customer have no credit to buy L/C and/or B/C
  • The issuing bank may refuse to pay for the L/C because of L/C discrepancies
  • The financial status of the issuing bank and economy situation is not reliable

Type of Service
B/C is another service offered by the bank in receiving L/C and collecting B/C for customers (sellers / exporters) from the Issuing Bank and/or Collection Bank abroad, including follow up with fund collection before paying the customers (sellers / exporters) later.

Service Objectives
To provide customers convenience service for L/C delivery and/or L/C collection and/or from collection bank abroad or after shipping products to the buyers

Applicants’ Qualifications
  • Being international exporters
  • Having no credit line with the bank is available

Service Terms / Conditions
Bank branch with customers’ account or at the international business center or international trade department are available for applying for service

Required Documents
Required document as applying for L/C and B/C service

  • Documents will be reviewed by the bank before sending for collection from buyers abroad
  • Customer can follow up and get update on the B/C status until the payment is received
  • Having no a credit line with the bank is available

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