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KTB Corporate Card

KTB Corporate Card


KTB e-Logistics Card



          A Payment-only ATM Card, KTB e-Logistics Card can be used to pay for charges and services at the Port Authority of Thailand (PAT) on KTB’s Mobile EDC device at the PAT’s One Stop Service Point.  This replaces the conventional methods of cheque- or cash-payment and, therefore, helps spare customers the trouble of writing cheques or carrying large sums of money.  Cardholders can be confident about the security of the KTB e-Logistics Card as it is designed to be used exclusively with the PAT, and not honored in stores or accepted at KTB’s ATMs and ADMs for cash advance withdrawals or any other transactions.  Customers, both individuals and juristic persons, may apply for KTB e-Logistics Card with the branches where they bank.


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