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Foreign Bills Under L/C Purchased

Foreign Bills Under L/C Purchased


After the product delivery is complete by customers (sellers/ exporters), Foreign Bills Under L/C Purchased, a document made under the L/C requirement, will be submitted to the bank within the period regulated including L/C original. We will operate the L/C opening with the issuing bank. In case of purchasing such bill from customers, a credit line under the L/C will be requested by customers as KTB types of loan.

Service Features
In case of having a credit line with the bank, after all documents are checked, the bank will buy Foreign Bills under the L/C (Usance L/C) by payment in advance and later collected such payment from the issuing bank.

Type of Service
Foreign Bills Under L/C Purchased: FPL is one of our services allowing customers (sellers / exporters) a working capital under the service terms and conditions. Foreign Bills Under L/C Purchased with Usance L/C, sold by customers, will be bought at the discount rate stated by the bank.

Service Objectives
To provide customers a working capital for running business during waiting for a payment from issuing bank after delivering all products under the L/C

Applicants’ Qualifications
  • Being international exporters
  • Having a credit line with the bank

Service Terms/ Conditions
  • Service Conditions
    • Having a credit line with the bank
    • If not, loan approval from loan department will be required case by case
  • Export ticket according to L/C can be submitted at the branch where the customer has an account or at international business center or international trade department

Required Documents
  • Request for Negotiation / Discount of Export Bills Drawn under Letter of Credit Application
  • Original L/C and L/C Amendment (if any) with L/C Advising Advice
  • Bill of Exchange
  • Documents as stipulated on L/C such as
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Products Delivery Documents such as Bill of Lading (B/L) or Air Waybill (AWB) or TrustReceipt / Railway Receipt or Parcel Post Receipt etc.
    • Insurance Policy
    • Packing List
    • Weight List
    • Certificates such as Certificate of Origin, Inspection Certificate, etc.
    • Other documents agreed by both parties

Receiving working capital in time without waiting for the L/C issuing bank payment, to enhance investment liquidity

Export Ticket Buying according to L/C (FPL) Application

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