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KTB E-Custom

KTB E-Custom

Convenient and comfortable with 24 hours a day KTB Electronics Customs Payments Service

Service Features
KTB e-Customs is an unlimited customs payments service by direct debit or pre-approve transactions through the KTB Corporate Online using Payer's Customer ID, a Tax Identification and Account Reference as agreement made with the bank. Customers need to notify the tax ID and account number for payment with the Customs Department himself.

  • Customs payment for import and export via the system of Department of Customs for all organizations
  • Convenience with time and cost saving by using online customs payment for all organizations
  • Convenient, fast and accurate guaranteed

Applicants’ Qualifications
  • Having an account with Krung Thai Bank
  • Being registered to automatic direct debit (CGP) and select KTB e-Customs service
  • In case of checking information of doing transaction (pre-approve), customers should apply for KTB Corporate Online and select Out Standing Bill service

Service Hours
24 hours a day (depends on Van and Software House of the Customs Department)

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