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“Life at Krung Thai … Peradon Nimitnaradol”

“Life at Krung Thai … Peradon Nimitnaradol”


Impression as a member of Krungthai Family

        I am extremely proud and honored as part of the mechanism to drive Thailand’s leading financial institution. The operations in Collateral Function Department are challenging for me. I earned plenty of new knowledge in theory, regulation and practical experiences from performing onsite duty, for instance, in the fields of construction, decoration and housing estate. Therefore, I have chances to improve my occupational proficiency and apply in my work so as to generate utmost benefits to the organization. 

Growing Together with Krungthai Bank

            To work at Krungthai Bank always urges me to broaden myself all the time since I can use my knowledge adapting with the current situation.  As this regard, I have gained knowledge from the diversity and change in each type of real estate business as well as have opportunity to develop my interpersonal skill from interacting with many people in various occupations. Furthermore, I have learned a lot of excellent viewpoints from many qualified and talented seniors. Everyone in the workplace takes a good care of me as we were real sibling.

            As for the Bank’s welfares, there are many benefits that match with the needs of employees in different age ranges, especially in the aspect of health, for instance, medical expense compensation, the Bank’s sanatorium that was provided with the purpose to take care of employees’ and their families’ health. Fitness Center is my most favorite facility because I can usefully spend my leisure time after the working hours to meet up with my colleagues and get healthier.

            The Bank also encourages employees to frequently develop their self competency in many aspects namely; knowledge, morality and ethics as well as  provide chances for new generation employees to jointly use their knowledge with the seniors in making benefits to the Bank. 


Why choosing Krungthai Bank

            Krungthai Bank is a firm organization with good remuneration and welfares. I want to use my utmost comprehension from my study to generate the highest benefits to the Bank effectively and enduringly.

            Moreover, both my parents are also the Bank’s employee, thus; I have seen the changes and better development within the Bank all along as if I was growing up together with the Bank. Consequently, I’m always reminded that my knowledge and life had been stemmed up from the Bank that has constantly remunerated to my family. Therefore, as a KTB new generation, I would definitely apply my new-gen DNA to craft for utmost benefits to the Bank.     

 Education Background 

  • Secondary Education, Depsirin School
  • Bachelor Degree in Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University
  • Master Degree in Architecture Management, Thammasat University



Peradon Nimitnaradol
Premises & Property Management Department