About KTB


Statement of Direction ,Vision & Mission

Statement of Direction (SOD)

Strengthen financial stability and provide shareholders with appropriate returns through top-ranking product and service management while supporting public affairs.


Growing Together
Enhancing capabilities of employees to support growth and prosperity for customers, enrich quality of society and environment, as well as provide sustainable return for our shareholders.


  • Develop capabilities of personnel and work system.
  • Provide customers with differentiated and value added service and advice
  • Fulfill our responsibility to society through supporting economic, social, and environmental development.
  • Provide shareholders with superior and sustainable return.


"KTB FIRST"  Core Values

  • Firm   
    Firm from Risk Management  
    Firm from Corporate Governance  
    Firm from Sustainable Growth  
  • Innovative   
    Innovative Thinking    
    Innovative Products     
    Innovative Process    
  • Responsible
    Responsible for Your Duty
    Responsible for Customers
    Responsible for Society
  • Service     
    Service Express    
    Service Excellence    
  • Teamwork   
    Teamwork with Positive Attitude    
    Teamwork for Customers    
    Teamwork for KTB