About KTB


About KTB

Krungthai Bank


Your most trusted financial institution

With a solid background spanning almost half a century, Krungthai Bank is determined to be the best bank with convenient financial products and services and stability. Operating nationwide, we are ready to serve individuals, organizations, institutions, government and state agencies as well as all sizes and types of businesses. We also return our profits back to the society and the environment with intellectual-capital-building activities in all regions of the country.


Roots of Stability

Krungthai Bank began its operations on March 14th, 1966 following the merger of two government-owned banks, Kaset Bank and Monton Bank, which led to its increased financial stability, full deposit coverage to customers and wider ranges of services. Since then, the bank has played a major role in developing Thailand’s economy. Our first branch was located on Yaowarat area which was at that time the city’s financial center.

The Trusted Bank for Everyone

Since the beginning, the bank’s performance expanded by the size of the Thai economy. On November 26th, 1982, the Bank moved its headquarters to the current location on 35 Sukhumvit Road. In March 1987, the Bank was entrusted to take part in ‘4th April Campaign’ of the Bank of Thailand where Krungthai Bank played a significant role in mending the country’s economic crisis. In August of the same year, Krungthai Bank was assigned with the assets and debts of Siam Bank, making it the bank with the second largest asset in Thailand that instantly increased its roles to become a Lead Bank in the country’s monetary and financial system.

Stable Growth

In 1988, Krungthai Bank expanded its branches to cover every province nationwide. It was the one and only bank at that time with such comprehensive branches for the people. Also, the bank adopted new technologies to enhance its services as well as its internal management, installing ATMs and online system. Krungthai Bank was the first bank in Thailand with such technologies available nationwide.On August 2nd, 1989, Krungthai Bank was the first state enterprise that floated shares in the Stock Exchange of Thailand. On March 24th, 1994, the bank was transformed to become ‘Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited.

Strive with Determination

In 2003, Krungthai Bank was the first commercial bank to be able to pay dividends to its shareholders since the financial crisis of 1997. At the same time, when it floated more shares on the market, the bank’s firm credit made the offered shared fully subscribed by both local and international investors. All shares were sold out by the first offering day with outstanding oversubscription among international investors. Krungthai Bank never misses the chance to help the society. At the end of 2004, the bank set forth the assisting measures for all its Tsunami-stricken customers, both direct and indirectly. The bank also contributed Bt100 million of money donation to help out the victims.

We are Growing Together

Today, Krungthai Bank has continually developed its business and provided excellent experiences to all customers. To succeed in a financial service industry with fierce competition, Krungthai Bank has changed a new vision from “The Convenience Bank” to “Growing Together” which enhances employee capability and creates distinctive value to satisfy customers, enrich society, and provide shareholders profit growth.